Molten Store
Allowing Vintage & Sustainable Jewellery To Shine Bright Online
The Task
Broaden brand awareness outside of Brisbane with more website traffic, an increase in sales and optimisation of their digital strategy.
Our Involvement
To focus on the future, Molten Store collaborated with us to expand their reach.

– Instagram Ads
– Facebook Ads
– Google Ads

A Label Unleashed
Molten Store brought us on to create a multi-channel ad strategy via Google, Facebook and Instagram. As a modern antique store for millenials, their golden strategy of restored jewellery is now widely known in the conscious consumer crowd.
We led detailed strategy development for Molten Store and deployed ad campaigns on the platforms where their audience enjoyed time online. The effect showed that our detailed analysis was spot on—this vintage jewellery brand is a massive draw for those who love up-cycled adornment.
Google Ads
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Starting with a detailed account audit, we found the starting point of the customer’s journey. Using that foundation, we performed keyword research to ensure that this bespoke jewellery showed up under the phases their customer was Googling. Our crowning achievement was configuring various ads—including Google Display campaigns—to enable shoppable content that caught the eye. With tailored ad copy and an eye on optimisation, we energetically A/B tested to procure the best results.
Instagram Ads
0xx Crypto Community
Kicking off our services with a full analysis of the competition and their strengths, weaknesses, digital presence, and ads, we designed an ad funnel that segmented their audience into cold, warm and hot users. With custom ad copy and an eye on optimisation, we rigorously A/B tested to procure the best results with video and reel content.
Facebook Ads
0xx Crypto Community
We then produced a nuanced, effective ad funnel, based on a detailed analysis of the Molten Store buyer. To create a scroll stopping interest, we included a thoughtful mix of video and carousel ads. As a final touch, we created attention grabbing placement highlighted by our custom ad copy.

Keep in mind the industry average is

Click through rate (CTR) of 2%
300% return on ad dollars spent in Google
400% return on ad dollars spent in Facebook and Instagram

We achieved

34% revenue increase
16% increase in website traffic
350% return on ad dollars spent in Google
250% return on ad dollars spent in Facebook and Instagram

“I have absolutely LOVED the work you’ve done here. I am so impressed by how deeply you’ve intuited our brand - the copy is heavenly.”

Jessy Cameron, Founder

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