Millwood Shoes
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The Task
Amplify a fashion forward line of shoes to expand their digital reach and grow their monthly revenue.
Our Involvement
After Millwood Shoes implemented an ad campaign, they turned to us to level up their strategy and results.

— Google Ads
— Facebook Ads
— Instagram Ads

A Label Unleashed
Shoe designer Jane Robertson partnered with us to create a multi-channel paid ads campaign around quality shoes and a phenomenal return on her ad spend. When comfort, style and craftsmanship are your brand standards, quality advertising fits right in.
We helped Millwoods Shoes with fresh ad campaigns from the ground up. Their previous campaigns showed signs of needing revitalisation, so we built new target audiences and infused the ads with updated creatives. The result? The sensation of being immediately “on-brand”. We quickly demonstrated we were now talking to the right people, using the right hooks and showing them exactly what they wanted to see.
Google Ads
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Starting with a full account build and customisation, we then crafted search and shopping ads to grab attention and develop brand awareness when shoppers searched for similar products. For a final polish, we implemented a cutting edge strategy using Performance Max ads and polished it all up with unique, on brand ad copy.
Instagram Ads
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Harnessing the power of modern, relevant content, we highlighted the brand’s unique appeal through videos, reels and with User Generated Content (UGC). By placing each ad with tactical synergy, the customer base responded with an overwhelming positive purchasing reaction.
Facebook Ads
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First, we built an entirely new audience to target, based off a detailed analysis of the Millwoods Shoes customer. We then constructed an entire ads funnel with a strategic approach proven to drive sales for fashion brands. With a thoughtful mix of video and carousel ads, we created attention grabbing placement highlighted by our custom ad copy.

Keep in mind the industry average is

Click through rate (CTR) of 2%
300% return on ad dollars spent in Google
400% return on ad dollars spent in Facebook and Instagram

We achieved

141% increase in total revenue
99% increase in conversion rate
Hit a monthly record for revenue
Hit a monthly record for website traffic & users
1200% return on ad dollars spent in Google
400% return on ad dollars spent in Facebook

“I am thrilled with the ads your team has created. It instantly feels so much more aligned with the brand and like we are talking to our customers.”

Jane Robertson, Founder

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